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Aspen Hill Films works under consignment, using professional quality video and editing techniques, to produce a variety of event videos. We can produce a wide variety of documentaries and short subjects on virtually any event.

  • Every wedding has its own special story and we strive to capture the unique beauty of the celebration. We produce wedding videos with a full range of final post-production levels (two-three-camera techniques, external microphones, digital editing, etc.). Recent videos have been made for weddings in Seattle WA, Columbus OH, Martha's Vineyard, and various locations in and around Boulder CO.

  • Events
  • We produce short promotional videos as well as full performances. Festivals. We have produced a one-minute promotional video for the Swallow Hill Music Association's annual Folk Festival and videos for individual performances within events such as the Swallow Hill Folk Festival (e.g., video of a live performance of Pete Wernick's Live Five and also of Creek Station). Sporting Events. We produce videos of community sporting events. We can document a team's major events, and the performances of individual players for use in scholarship applications.

  • Remembrances
  • We produce celebrations of life remembrances. Most recently we produced the video of a unique two-hour memorial service celebrating the life of Don Campbell: Don Campbell Memorial

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